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LABORAMA 2020 goes virtual!

Visit the biggest trade fair for the laboratory sector in Belgium and Luxembourg online!

LABORAMA 2020 will go online on June 11th and all exhibitors will be available for live (video) chat
on June 11th and 12th between 9h30 and 17h00.

This way you can get a quick answer to all your questions. The trade fair will remain online until 30 September. All questions for exhibitors during that time will be answered by e-mail.

Registration for visitors is completely free!
The only purifier on the market that dispenses all 3 types of science ready water from a compact, economical and easy to use system!

When you need unmatched value, proven reliability and uninterrupted discovery, PURELAB Quest provides the perfect solution. Consistently delivering three types of laboratory water, the PURELAB Quest supports every application in your lab.

The Purelab Quest provides a reliable supply of:

  • Type I water for applications such as HPLC and molecular biology techniques.
  • Type II water for general reagent preparations and buffers.
  • Type III water for glassware rinsing and water baths.

Water purity is measured using multiple quality sensors and displayed clearly on the system.
Its fast-flow rate and walk-away design delivers water at 1.2 l/m, keeping interruptions to a minimum. Volumetric dispensing means researchers can multi-task, saving time and money.
The PURELAB Quest has been tested through 150,000 cycles of dispensing which is equivalent to over 20 years of lab use.

An intuitive design which is simple to operate and maintain, with easy to change consumables, periodic recirculation and a simple, pre-programmed sanitisation process.
It is a compact system measuring just 232 mm wide and 510 mm high. It’s wall mountable, enabling you to save valuable lab space.

IoT connectivity offers optional remote monitoring which reduces interruptions, costs and environmental impact

Designed with sustainability in mind, the PURELAB Quest is made from more than 85% reclaimed materials and utilises long-lasting consumables.

Release of the new Shimadzu triple quad LCMS-8060NX

We are pleased to announce the release of the next version of the successful platform LCMS TQ together with the latest version of LabSolutions LCMS version.
The LCMS-8060NX is the crowning achievement of Shimadzu’s triple quadrupole MS range, inheriting its excellent speed and world-class sensitivity from the LCMS-8060 while displaying improvements in robustness and ease-of-use. Taking into account recent advancements in workflow and increasing demand for cost reductions, key customer needs for LC/MS systems are expanding from sensitivity to robustness, operability and efficiency. This instrument improves efficiency of the overall analysis workflow from analysis preparations to data processing, meeting customer needs through increased productivity.

1) World-class sensitivity and speed
The LCMS-8060NX inherits the world-class sensitivity and speed of the LCMS-8060. It boasts a polarity switching time of 5 ms including stabilization time (UFswitching), ultra-high scan speed of 30,000 u/s (UFscanning) and max. 555 ch/s MRM measurements (with min. dwell time 0.8 ms and min. pause time 1 ms). The desolvation efficiency has been improved through increasing the heating efficiency of the ESI heater and the maximum flow rate of the heating gas. This means that a wide variety of compounds can be analyzed with optimum ionization conditions and high sensitivity.

2) High robustness minimizes downtime
The newly developed IonFocus unit introduces ions into the detector with greater efficiency while leaving contaminants away to reduce noise and provide more stable data. The new ion guide UF-Qarray II (in LCMS-8060/8060NX) and the QF-Lens II increase the robustness of the instrument while maintaining a high ion transmission rate.
The UF-QarrayⅡ prevents build-up of detritus on electrodes. The design retains the high frequency quadrupole field with high focusing power while improving the shape of its parts to enhance robustness. In addition, the UF-Lens II has a new function to remove unnecessary ions, protecting the QP rods from contamination and minimizing instrument downtime.

3) Excellent operability improves overall workflow efficiency
The LCMS-8060NX includes various Analytical Intelligence features to improve the quality of the user’s analysis and the efficiency of the workflow. For example, in the newly developed ion source, the IonFocus unit, the initial parameters have been adjusted according to know-how accumulated by Shimadzu. This allows excellent results to be obtained for a wide range of compounds displaying varying properties without the bother of investigating analysis conditions. In addition, start-up and shutdown can be carried out automatically at a specified time with LabSolutions Connect MRM, improving workflow efficiency and saving power. Using LabSolutions Insight, significant time savings can be achieved in data analysis of a large number of samples and/or target compounds. If the instrument is combined with a new Nexera series LC, the workflow can be further improved with automated features from analysis preparations through method settings to instrument shutdown.

For information please contact Shimadzu Benelux

Shimadzu Benelux B.V. Belgian Branch Neerhoflaan 2, 1780 Wemmel Tel.: **32(0)3 440 19 70

Shimadzu Benelux B.V. Australiëlaan 14 NL 5232 BB ´s Hertogenbosch Tel.: **31(0)736 43 03 20



Do you have laboratory instruments that you no longer use or will soon be taken out of service? Or are you looking for an extension of your laboratory inventory?
Then you are at the right place at LabMakelaar.

New laboratory instruments are often very expensive. LabMakelaar Benelux B.V. strives for a world with a strong circular economy, in which companies have easy access to a total solution for furnishing and equipment of their laboratory with high-quality and recycled material. We help our customers realize their projects with recycled products and quality material at a relatively low price. LabMakelaar provides mediation between buyer and seller to complete the purchase or sale.

We do this by collecting high-quality material in various ways and then offering it attractively via a central point to companies that want to set up a laboratory so that they can be operated via a central organization. Simple, efficient, affordable and often with a guarantee.

You can easily get in touch with suppliers of second-hand laboratory instruments and laboratory inventory via our laboratory marketplace. This way you can probably find your desired laboratory equipment at a very affordable price.

Curious what we can do for you? Then visit out virtual booth for more information.

Suurmond to introduce new products at Laborama

Batch platform and basic glass reactor for user-friendly and efficient operation

For years, we have supplied dedicated glass and high-pressure reactors for demanding processes in R&D, scale-up, pilot plant and production. For chemical and pharmaceutical development and manufacturing.

Today, we are very proud to announce the introduction of two new products for our REACTOR SYSTEMS portfolio:

suurGLASS basic glass reactor

Suurmond introduce their new product suurGLASS. A basic reactor for interchangeable glass vessels from 1 to 5 litres. Designed and manufactured by Suurmond!

The suurGLASS reactors are easy to use and are designed for rapid vessel exchange, allowing for an increase in productivity. With our range of jacketed reactors, you can be sure that you’ll find the equipment to suit your needs.

The reactor is used for:

  • Chemical synthesis,
  • Process development,
  • Stirring, dissolving, mixing, and extracting operations.

Pre-configured reactor system with optional components
to suit your individual specifications.

Batchington batch platform for accelerated screening and R&D

We are extremely happy to announce the partnership between Suurmond and Avantium for the exclusive sales of the Avantium Batchington platform.

The platform enables the client to accelerate R&D by screening and optimization. The platform can accommodate the operation of two modules, containing 12 miniature parallel autoclaves each. Independent parameter setting for each 12-reactor module in terms of temperature, pressure, headspace, reaction time and stirring. Check the video here!

Tomorrow’s catalysis today!

We think in solutions, not in products. Let’s talk!

LabVantage Solutions Announces New Purpose-Built Biobanking LIMS Accelerator for Managing COVID-19 Testing

—Comprehensive Turnkey System Based on Industry-Leading LabVantage LIMS Platform Allows Laboratories to Implement COVID-19 Biobanking, Testing and Research Almost Immediately—

—Purpose-Built SaaS-Based Solution Eliminates Need for Infrastructure and Complex Implementation; LabVantage World-Class Know-How Ensures LabVantage COVID-19 LIMS is Powerful, Flexible and Easy-to-Use—

Somerset, NJ, April 28, 2020 – LabVantage Solutions, Inc., the leading provider of laboratory informatics solutions and services including purpose-built LIMS that allow labs to go live faster and at a lower total cost, today announced the availability of its new purpose-built COVID-19 LIMS solution. The new solution is designed to jump-start the ability of laboratories everywhere to enter biospecimens into a biobank and rapidly begin conducting COVID-19-related testing and research. The LabVantage COVID-19 Biobanking Accelerator is built on the company’s industry-leading LIMS and Biobanking platforms used by clinical laboratories around the globe.

LabVantage CEO John Heiser commented, “Widespread laboratory testing is a critical component in the battle to control the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe. At LabVantage, we mobilized our decades of expertise to rapidly deliver a new purpose-built Biobanking LIMS to support COVID-19 testing and research. It incorporates our deep knowledge of biobanking along with numerous features designed to make it easy for laboratories to acquire, implement and use the most powerful LIMS on the market for their COVID-19 testing. The LIMS Accelerator is also scalable, an important attribute as testing volumes escalate. Our outstanding service team stands ready to help customers begin using the package almost immediately. We are honored to have the opportunity to contribute to the laboratory testing and research that is critical to controlling and ultimately eliminating this devastating pandemic.”

Delivered as a comprehensive Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) solution, the LabVantage COVID-19 Biobanking Accelerator requires no infrastructure investment. Being pre-configured means minimal implementation time is needed with a go-live start possible in less than four weeks. The LIMS Accelerator includes full biobanking capabilities and COVID-19 extraction and testing workflows with related master data for rapid use. It incorporates multiple protocols defined by the CDC for COVID-19 testing, and it can easily accommodate the addition of standard and customer-determined protocols for testing using a variety of approaches, such as RT-PCR, isothermal nucleic acid amplification and serology.

Leveraging LabVantage SaaS, customers pay an annual subscription fee to access the full LabVantage platform – laboratory information management system (LIMS), Biobanking solution, workflows and methods, consumables management and Seagull Scientific Bartender® barcode labeling software. The package also includes start-up, training and ongoing support services along with daily data backups and high availability support.

The LabVantage COVID-19 Biobanking Accelerator is available immediately. For more information on LIMS for COVID-19 testing, visit

About LabVantage Solutions

A recognized leader in enterprise laboratory software solutions, LabVantage Solutions dedicates itself to improving customer outcomes by transforming data into knowledge. The LabVantage informatics platform is highly configurable, integrated across a common architecture, and 100% browser-based to support hundreds of concurrent users. Deployed on-premise, via the cloud, or SaaS, it seamlessly interfaces with instruments and other enterprise systems – enabling true digital transformation. The platform consists of the most modern laboratory information management system (LIMS) available, integrated electronic laboratory notebook (ELN), laboratory execution system (LES), and scientific data management system (SDMS); and, for healthcare settings, a laboratory information system (LIS). We support more than 1500 global customer sites in the life sciences, pharmaceutical, medical device, biobank, food & beverage, consumer packaged goods, oil & gas, genetics/diagnostics, and healthcare industries. Headquartered in Somerset, NJ, with global offices, LabVantage has offered its comprehensive portfolio of products and services to enable customers to innovate faster in the R&D cycle, improve manufactured product quality, achieve accurate record-keeping, and comply with regulatory requirements for four decades. For more information, visit

Supply Chain Update

Ansell has introduced over 100 new and enhanced safety protocols so that we can continue to safely manufacture and deliver products to our customers during the COVID-19 crisis.

Watch our video to see some of our manufacturing and distribution teams in action.

Release of Ion Chromatograph HIC-ESP with New Anion Suppressor ICDS-40A

Shimadzu is pleased to inform you about the European release of the HIC-ESP, an anion analysis ion chromatograph equipped with the new anion suppressor ICDS-40A.

The HIC-ESP for anion analysis is equipped with a new suppressor and employs the slim column oven CTO-40S, contributing to the effective use of laboratory space with a compact installation width.

The ICDS-40A is an electrodialysis-type anion suppressor using an ion-exchange membrane. The continuous regeneration system eliminates the need to switch between analysis and regeneration processes, contributes to shortening the analysis cycle time and provides a simple system configuration.

Key features

  • Newly designed suppressor for anion analysis with highly effective ion-exchange performance

The ICDS-40A replaces sodium ions in the eluent with hydrogen ions with high efficiency using hydrogen ions obtained by electrolyzing water. This reduces the electrical conductivity of the eluent at the time of detection, enabling the analysis of anions with high sensitivity. 

  • Smaller peak dispersion

The ICDS-40A has a small volume and can detect each ion with high sensitivity.

Also, the water dip is small, so it is possible to accurately measure fluorine peaks that elute early in a chromatogram.

  • Small footprint 

The HIC-ESP ion chromatography system combines with the Nexera slim oven CTO-40S for a compact installation width of 420 mm. wich enables a space-saving installation.                                                 

For information please contact 

Shimadzu Benelux 

Hoe weet u zeker dat uw pipet goed functioneert?

Voor betrouwbare en nauwkeurige meetresultaten moeten uw pipetten periodiek gekalibreerd worden. Maar hoe weet u zeker dat deze in de tussenliggende periode ook goed functioneert?

METTLER TOLEDO biedt u nu een innovatieve oplossing om binnen 60 seconden de prestatie van uw pipetten te valideren.

RAININ SmartCheck™

Deze nieuwe technologie biedt u de mogelijkheid om op snelle en praktische wijze te controleren of uw pipet nauwkeurig werkt. Doseer vloeistof in de vloeistofkamer en de SmartCheck bepaalt automatisch het testvolume van de pipet. Binnen 60 seconden wordt een pass/fail resultaat gegeven, zodat u weet of uw pipet nog binnen de ISO 8655 gestelde toleranties presteert. SmartCheck is geschikt voor zowel mono- en multichannel pipetten, ongeacht het merk!

SmartCheck is snel en eenvoudig in gebruik, zodat prestatiecontroles gemakkelijk onderdeel worden van uw dagelijkse routines en dankzij de kleine afmetingen (slechts 10 cm x 10 cm) neemt de SmartCheck weinig ruimte in beslag. Zo voorkomt u OOS-resultaten, dubbel werk en onverwachte kosten. Bespaar tijd en geld door het risico op onnauwkeurige meetresultaten te minimaliseren!

SmartCheck is niet alleen een efficiënte oplossing, het is ook de enige automatische oplossing voor ISO 8655 pipet verificatie. SmartCheck neemt volumetrische metingen met behulp van de gravimetrische methode en berekent willekeurige en systematische fouten op basis van vier metingen. Vervolgens wordt de meetonzekerheid van het volume bepaald, welke vergeleken wordt met de vastgestelde toleranties. Op basis daarvan geeft de SmartCheck een duidelijke pass/fail uitslag binnen 60 seconden.

Ontdek de voordelen van SmartCheck op

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